Jeep Assured Role in Peace, Experts Agree


Chicago Tribune - September 5, 1943


The jeep - which proved its military worth in American Victories thruout the world - has its peace time pursuits all mapped out for it, government men and manufacturers said yesterday.

The versatile scout car has many post-war possibilities, it was said. Test conducted by the department of commerce indicate that its dual role as tractor and automobile makes it the perfect all-purpose vehicle for farm work. Many other peace uses, such as carrying mail in rural districts and for taking sportsmen over difficult terrain, have been outlined.

Military Uses Endless.

Reports from war zones give an almost endless list of uses for the jeep on the battlefield. It is used alike by privates to run errands and by generals to direct battles. It pulls 37 mm anti-tank guns and makes an excellent ambulance. Equipped with snowplow, it clears military roads and landing fields. It does duty as a field telephone unit, portable radio station, and a mobile searchlight mount. It can be and is carried on a truck or inside a plane.

R. G. Gray, head of the farm euipment research bureau, after tests on the department of agriculture tillage machinery laboratory near Auburn, Ala., pronounced the mechanical midget "highly useful in plowing, harrowing, and other field work."

Plows Acre in 1-3/4 Hours.

During one experiment the jeep pulled a 7 inch furrow in an acre of cotton bottom land in 1.72 hours per acre, using 2.32 gallons of gasoline. It was used also to cultipack and harrow a 24 acre field in one operation, repeating the performance three times. This required only 6 hours and consumed only 2-1/4 gallons of gas per acre. With a few changes, it is said the scout car can be converted for the operation of milking machinery or utilized for cutting wood and clearing land.

Jospeh W. Frazer, president of the Willys-Overland Motors, Toledo, O., whose company, in cooperation with the quartermaster department, developed the scout car, is convinced the jeep will be a big factor in post-war transportation.

"In addition to the numerous jobs it will find on the farms of the nation," Frazer said, "the jeep should be excellent on ranches, where it can take across the pasture like a horse.

Sought as Tow Cars

"Rural free delivery men have been trying to buy jeeps for use on their routes where the going is usually rough and muddy, and officials of some of the most exclusive hunting lodges have indicated to use that they will buy our machine as soon as they possibly can to accommodate sportsmen. We have also had a flood of letters from garage owners who what jeeps for tow cars and from railroads seeking them as vehicles for track maintenance crews."

He said that fishermen had been enthusiastic about the ability of the car to reach remote fishing streams, and deer hunters would welcome the car back for back country travel. Forest fire fighters and rangers are expected to find them useful.

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