CJ2-03 is a 1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep prototype that was used by Willys-Overland for their testing.  It will probably be the earliest CJ-2 that still exists.  This jeep was owned by Irving "Red" Hausmann, one of Willys-Overland's test drivers,  after the war.  Shortly before testing ended for the CJ-2s, some of the CJ-2s were sent to Florida for hot weather testing.  When they came back, the jeeps were scheduled to be scrapped.  Red Hausman and a couple other engineers saved them from the scrap heap.  He picked the earliest serial number one for his jeep and the other ones (CJ2-04 and CJ2-05) were obtained by other engineers.  Red purchased CJ-2A sheet metal directly from Willys-Overland to replace the worn out original CJ-2 body.  The 2 earlier CJ-2s were T-84 transmission models that the engineers did not think were worth saving compared to the T-90 transmission used on the later CJ-2s starting with CJ2-03.  While CJ2-01 and CJ2-02 may still exist, it is highly unlikely they will be found.  CJ2-03 has what might be its original engine (or an engine that was part of the testing pool.)

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