CJ2-09 is a 1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep prototype that was assigned to testing in Brookneal, Virginia.  Exactly where this test occurred in Brookneal is not known at this time.   It may have been a tire test because in the fall of 1945, Willys-Overland sold this vehicle to Atlas Tire Company.  (Original Title Application) CJ2-09 was the first Agrijeep that surfaced.  It was discovered by Charles Ellis who ran a generator repair service.  Someone can in to have a generator rebuilt and said it was off a weird Army jeep.  He convinced the guy to sell it to him and he restored.  It was a feature story in the newsletter of the Willys club (Willys World) when he was trying to figure out what he had.  Ivan Schatzka responded to this and provided some information to him.  Fred Coldwell purchased this in 1996 after it was restored.

CJ2-09 as found. Hard Top was added at some point in its past.
CJ2-09 Dash Hard top was carefully cut off.
Rolling chassis with body removed Original Draw Bar
Pressure washing frame before restoration 50 Years of accumulated dirt and grease removed.
Body was also cleaned Original frame tag
Under the body tub.  Original olive drab was still present. Front floor before restoration
Passenger side floor. The floors and sides were very rusty  Sides were patched to keep as much original metal as possible.
Work on the drivers side cowl panel. Inside the cowl panel.
Work continues. Passenger side panel also needed patching and the lower body gusset patched.
Outside passenger side cowl panel Work Continues.
Original firewall. New floor pan pieces.
Floor pan with original transmission area welded in. Top side of new floor pan.
Tub primed and straightened. Side Panel now straight and patched
New floor installed and primed. Firewall primed.
Tub looks like new. Restored rolling chassis.
Engine freshly painted. Front of engine.
Steering column painted. Radiator installed to test engine.

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