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MA Transmission Case - Cast 4-7-41 and has an assembly code of  "J5 41B".

Parts Needed

For the restoration of the jeeps I have on this web page, I am looking for the following:

1) 12 solid rims - Need some for CJ2-12 and CJ2-16 as well as the other 2.

2) Front frame - I need a nice front MB frame section for CJ2-16. Pretty much including all the front spring perches. It has to have nice front frame horns. Prefer the gussets to be there as well.

3) Skid plate - Need a slat grille skid plate.

4) MB engines - Need a MB-1000XX, MB-125XXX and MB-502XXX engine blocks.

5) Early slat grille generator and starter for MB-100063.

6) Original early MB windshield (not a low windshield) for the Auburn jeep.

7) Two original slat grille gas tanks.

8) 1 set of front slat grille seats.

9) 2 rear slat grille seats.

10) Slat grille air cleaner

11) Four original Sparton MB horns

12) real early date coded T-84 transmission case (September/October 1941) for MB-100063.

13) February 1942 date coded T-84 transmission case

14) Junk slat grille body. All I really want is the original rear panel for the Auburn Jeep.

15) a set of low windshield hold down latches.

16) Two slat grille radiators

17) A late MB cylinder head in the October/November 1944 date range.

18) Original slat grille oil pressure gauge.

19) a set of rear tool box lids for the slat grille. The early ones with the 2 small hinges.

20) 2 early MB spare tire brackets.

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