December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   December 12, 1939 - Engr. 431 - Ltr. - American Bantam Car Company, Butler, Pa. - 9-25-39 - Lt. Col H. J. Lawes to QMG

Contributor:    Todd G. Paisley

Source:  National Archives - Philadelphia

December 12, 1939.



Ltr. - American Bantam Car Company, Butler, Pa. - 9-25-39.

The Quartermaster General, Washington, D. C.

l. The attached letter from the American Bantam Car Company, is self-explanatory.

2. This office is unfamiliar with the test mentioned as having been conducted at Manassas last August.

3. It is suggested that is the event favorable consideration is given to this request of the Bantam Car Company by higher authority that one or more of these vehicles be assigned to the Streamlined Divisions. These organizations undoubtedly could, and would give a more positive answer to the utility of this vehicle than any other in the Army.

Lieut. Colonel, Quartermaster Corps,

1 incl. -

Ltr. - 9-25-39



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