December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   September 5, 1940 - G4 - P. & E. Conference

Contributor:    Robert A. Notman

Source:  Dwight D. Eisenhower Library


P. & E. Conference                  September 5, 1940


1. Col. Aurand stated that there are about twice as many officers in this branch as there were two months ago.  The object of the meetings each morning is to keep everybody informed as to what everybody else if doing.  Things covered by the staybacks should not be taken up, but rather the oral arrangements, the people you see, etc.  Also, this larger number of officers makes it more necessary that the section chiefs be sure that the other section of P&E involved get to see the papers. The papers which as labeled with two names and no number are to be joint actions of the two sections, either section writing it up.


Col. Aurand also stated that on some of the papers he put a note to the effect that certain action had been agreed to by him.  If this action is wrong, please let him know at once.


2.  Maj. McAuliffe and Col. Easley attended the QM Technical Committee meeting yesterday.  Three Quartermaster representatives and representatives from Harley-Davidson and Indian Companies were present.  The question of solo motorcycles was reopened because the manufacturers have found that the specifications calling for 8" and 10" clearance and 5" tire have made an entirely different motorcycle.  Both manufacturers felt that those requirements were not necessary and they should not be demanded.  Also, they could not deliver the 48 for service test in less than a year, and after service test it would be two years before the Army gets this type delivers.  Col. Lawes presented a number of propositions for consideration.  Among them a number didn't consider the fact that the using Arms are insistent on the Delco as being the only satisfactory military type they have seen.  They say that the Harley and Indian are not satisfactory motorcycles.  The decision was to secure from each manufacturer 4 motorcycles with 8" to 10" clearance and 5" tire and 5 with liberal interpretation of the specifications, 6" clearance and 4" tire.  Harley won't bid on the 8" to 10" clearance and the 5" tire, and Indian said they would make them but didn't want to.  It was suggested that TQMG ask the Using Arm to waive the 8" and 10" clearance and 5" tire.


Maj. Van Duesen and TQMG said the manufacturers would manufacture this vehicle according to those specifications and in addition they would manufacture one of their own design that they felt would meet the military requirements to the greatest possible extent.


TQMG is still going to get 16 from each manufacturer is funds are available.  All to be shaft driven solo motorcycles.  Instead of getting 16 at one time for each manufacturer, it will probably be 8 meeting specifications and 8 as the manufacturer thinks to be the best product.


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