December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   October 23, 1940 - G4 - P. & E. Conference

Contributor:    Robert A. Notman

Source:  Dwight D. Eisenhower Library


P. & E. Conference                  October 23, 1940 (Wednesday)


1.  Col. Aurand stated that Mr. Norman C. Einwechter, Special Representative of The Carpenter Steel Co., was in to see him yesterday.  The Carpenter Steel Co. is a small company that could not employ more than 1,500 men on a three-shift basis; its plant is located at Reading, Pa.; and it makes high alloy steels.  This is the type of company we are going to need full capacity of for defense purposed.  Its principal product is 37 mm AP shot.  In connection with Picatinny and Frankford, their metallurgist, Mr. DeLong, who has been with them since 1903, had developed the basic metallurgical combination for both the 37 AP steel and the 30 and 50 bullet AP steel.


2. Col Griner and the Field Artillery wished to make a few changes in TBA.  The QM agrees is we want to do it.  Col. Griner wanted to know our policy in this connection.


Col. Aurand said changes in the TBA are permissible and we will approve them.  G-3 can make its own decision in this regard.


3.  Col. Aurand instructed Col. Hoag to go ahead with the Bantam car matter.  It is not thought necessary to make it a Chief of Staff study.  Col. Aurand suggested that an AG Letter be written to the QM authorizing - not instruction - him to purchase 1,500 Bantams, and say on the buck slip that it is believed the Chief of Staff's office is familiar with the transaction.


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