December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   October 25, 1940 - G4 - P. & E. Conference

Contributor:    Robert A. Notman

Source:  Dwight D. Eisenhower Library


P. & E. Conference                  October 25, 1940 (Friday)




Col. Goodman asked Col. Hoag for a report on the meeting help yesterday afternoon in connection with the Bantam car.  This was the only matter discussed at this morning's meeting.


Col. Hoag reported that the Subcommittee of the QMC of the QMC Technical Committee decided, after much discussion, to go ahead with production of the remainder of the 70 Bantams on order now without any changed except those that can be made without slowing up production.  The gas tank will be where it was.  In addition, it was decided to take 2 stripped chassis and have bodies built on these incorporating some of the changes that have been suggested, after which the cars will be tested to see how they work out.  To reduce the silhouette and get a lower rear seat the tank may have to be taken from under the rear seat.  One suggestion was to put the tank under the front seat, but this would interfere with the tripod mount.


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