December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   November 19, 1940 - G4 - P. & E. Conference

Contributor:    Robert A. Notman

Source:  Dwight D. Eisenhower Library


P. & E. Conference                  November 19, 1940 (Thursday)


1. Col. Aurand stated that Col. Johnson of the Quartermaster Dept. called him up about a letter from the Ford Motor Co., which apparently Ford had sent Holabird on about the 5th stating that they could deliver 1500 additional small cars to the Army by the same time as the Bantam could.  Col. Aurand said it was O.K. to go ahead with the contract.


2.  Col. Griner stated that he had not as yet seen Major Laidlaw, but that he would see him today.


3.  Colonel Aurand announced that on the day of the Army-Navy game, Col. Goodman would be Chief of the Branch, Major Denson would act as head of the Planning Branch, and Col. Wood and Maj. McAuliffe would have their own Branch.


4.  Col. Goodman stated that he received a paper yesterday in which the 5th Division asked for $7000 to install some heating and defrosting equipment in the motor transportation around Michigan.  This policy had never come up while he had been in this Branch.  Col. Aurand advised answering "No", and to write it up that way and see what happens.


5.  Col. Wood talked about the recomputations as regards the units in the PMP.  A solution is to call for the basic computations in the form being prepared without any regard to the extra units.  He stated that in addition to this, he was going to have to call for a separate small minor tabulation to cover essential items.  The Tables of Basic Allowances will probably be in the hands of the supply services by the 1st of December.  That would allow those computing services two weeks, and it will be better to give them three.  Then it will be ready at least by the first of the year.  There isn't much to rely on in the old PMP as it had been changed so vastly.


6.  Col. Griner stated that he received a communication from the Chief of Cavalry realizing the impending death of the arm unless something happens and requesting that horse carriers be provided in sufficient quantities to enable him to pick up his two divisions and move them strategically.  In order to accomplish this, he requests that the two Quartermaster truck regiments to be activated next year be equipped with no transportation but horse carriers.  Col. Griner talked with the Head of Training Branch, G-3, and he does not favor it.  He said to send it down to Gen. McNair and to let him see it when it gets back.  It will be a most important change if it does take place.  Horse carriages cost $5,000, as compared with $1,500 for trucks.  Col. Griner things that Gen. McNair will not go along with the idea unless the Cavalry man on the Staff carries a big stick.



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