December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   The Nation - January 4, 1941 - Page 3


January 4, 1941                                                                                    The NATION


DESPITE PUBLISHED REPORTS TO THE CONTRARY, the new Ford contract for $1,400,000 in midget military cars has not yet been signed, and from all that can be learned in the War Department Ford has not yet met the specifications of the contract. Thus the President still has an “out” through which he can prevent the award of another contract to our foremost Wagner Act violator. The Nation was the first to reveal, in its issue of December 14, the curious background of this new contract, the fact that other sources of supply were available, and that the Defense Commission had gone out of its way to favor Ford. As a result of the protests which followed, the Adjutant General on December 17 issued an order stating that all future War Department contracts were to be let with the understanding that a condition of the contract was compliance with all federal labor laws. It is understood in the War Department that a provision to this effect is to go into all future contracts, but Ford representatives have been boasting in Washington that Ford will not sign the new contract if it contains such a provision. Another special privilege being asked for Ford is that the army change the specifications for the midget military car to make it easier for the Ford Company to meet them.


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