December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   April 28, 1941 - Mr. Fairhurst, Spicer, Toledo

Contributor:    Bill Norris

Source:  Lt. Colonel Dow's collection, Detroit Library




4/28/41  5:00 PM


Mr. Fairhurst, Spicer, Toledo.


Will take from 12 to 15 weeks to get going but can tell more definitely in a couple of days - maybe by tomorrow night.  Will have something more definite.


DD - What is you biggest bottleneck?


Tubing that goes into the axle from Pittsburgh Steel Products Co. They said that they thought it would be 16 weeks.


Bendix on the joints - suggest we get Rzeppa from Gear Grinding and we are checking with them to see if they could do it.


There is one gear forging but we are told we can get that in 9 weeks.




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