August 1942

Original Source Documents:   August 1942 - The Story Behind the Army Jeep - Illustrated Gazette - Vol 1 No 4 - pg.1,2,6,8

Contributor:   Robert Notman

Source:  U.S. Army Military History Institute





In the spring of 1940 Willys-Overland representatives were asked to reduce the silhouette of the Infantry's half ton truck but emphatically refused to have anything to do with any work that would require modification of their standard vehicles.


The Quartermaster General's office was called on the carpet by the then Secretary of War Harry Woodring in July, 1940, for attempting to "sabotage" the first Jeep test order.


However, this is what Willys-Overland's current magazine advertising says:


"We are deeply gratified that it was Willys-Overland civilian engineers - in close collaboration with U. S. Quartermaster Corps experts - who created and perfected the Jeep. It is a spectacular achievement."


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