December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   FTC - Payne Testimony

Contributor:    Bill Spear

Source:  U.S. National Archives




1          Q         What was the subject of your conference?


2          A         Light car construction, and be gave me the military


3          characteristics that be wanted in a car, and he asked me


4          what my opinion would be of the dimensions of - and the


5          size for a car to perform and do what they required and


6          fulfill theme military characteristics, and I gave him the


7          specifications.


8          Q         That did you give him?


9          A         They were approximate. I told him it must be a


10        short-wheel base car, between 78 and 80 or 81 inches. It


11        should be narrow gauge between 47 and 48 inches.  The


12        silhouette was of great importance, and I suggested a


13        36 inch silhouette to the cowl.


14        The length overall was to be around 126 inches. The


15        ground clearances was 8-1/2 inches at its lowest point, which


16        is the differential.


17        At that time the chassis would not have a windshield


18        and would not carry a spare tire.


19        Q         Was it to have two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive?


20        A         It was to have four-wheel drive, and the weight was of


21        vital importance.  They wanted the car to weigh in the


22        vicinity, about the same weight as a motorcycle with side-


23        car, which is about 1100 pounds, so I suggested between


24        1,300 and -- 1,200 and 1,500 pounds.



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