MB-100063 Driver's Seat

One of the early characteristics for the early slat grilles appear to be a round hole for the gas gauge sending unit.  As some point, the factory switch to one with a square top.  Here is the one on MB-100063:



Nice original OD paint under the seat!  At some point, someone cut the round hole to make it square.  In Ray Cowdery's "All American Wonder 2", he had a picture of an original MB that a soldier bought.  It shows the round hole as well.


MB-100046 has a similar seat:


On G503, Key Clay had a similar seat:


He saw another seat at Beltring on eyear:


Geoff Bull also has a similar seat:



Does anyone have a similar seat?  Has anyone ever seen a MB (or MA) gas tank sending unit that has a round top?  If so, please let me know!

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