MB-100063 - Willys-Overland Test Vehicle

This jeep is one of the Willys-Overland test vehicles.  It does not have a date of delivery and was found not far from the factory in Toledo, Ohio.  More research is needed to determine which experimental X number was assigned to it.  The X number was a number that was assigned by the Willys-Overland Engineering Department for their tests.  These test vehicles were test platforms for various ideas that the engineers were working on for the MB development.  As new ideas and parts were designed, if they needed to test it on an actual vehicle, MB-100063 would have been one of the vehicles that they would have used.  Some photos of these vehicles exist so by comparing hole patterns and other modifications, it will eventually be able to determine which one it was.  The years of it being used in post war farming makes it a little tough to determine what was a factory modification for a test and what was done by a farmer.

Is MB-100063 X12?

One of the characteristics of X12 is that it was used for an experimental tandem tow bar setup.

The eye bolts are bolted to the rear cross member.  The rear cross member on MB-100063 behind the steel welded on it now does have these holes.  It is not know if X10, X11 or X13 also participated in this test.  X14 is a later MB so it has to be X10 through X13. If you notice on the rear panel, the registration number does not appear on X12.  Instead, it has "4 x QUAD".  "U.S.A." can be seen faintly above.  MB-100063 was never assigned a DOD and did not have the areas stamped for the TM data.  So no registration number assigned would be consistent with no DOD.  The registration number would have looked like this as seen on MB-100064 (only one away for MB-100063!):

Another existing photo of X12 show a Special Dealer tag.  This is designated by a small "S".  Most of the photos of that era show a "D" which is the usual way you see W-O experimental vehicles:

Other photos of MB-100063:

Grille Details
Axle Assembly Dates  - 10-31-41 !
Driver's Seat Details
Windshield Details

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