December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   October 16, 1940 - QM 451 (Proc. 398-41-9), H. M. Cunnigham, Ford Motor Company to Lt. Col. J. Van Ness Ingram, Holabird - Supplement

Contributor:    Bill Norris

Source:  Lt. Colonel Dow's collection, Detroit Library




Alexandria, Va.


October 16, 1940


Lieut Col J Van Ness Ingram

Purchasing and Contracting Officer

Holabird Quartermaster Depot

Baltimore, Maryland




Supplementing our quotation made to you today for furnishing 500 Light Reconnaissance and Command Cars (4-wheel drive 2-wheel steer), we submit the following:


Should you award us and additional quantity of 500 of these vehicles at the same time the initial award is made to use, we will furnish the second 500 vehicles, with specifications identical to the first 500, for $935.00 each f.o.b. Dearborn, Mich.


The provisions of our original quotations with respect to cash discount, manner of payment, taxes, and time of acceptance apply to this supplementary quotation.


If the entire quantity of these vehicles purchased by you from all suppliers at this time does not exceed 1500 units, so that the required axles will be available from Spicer Mfg. Co., delivery of the above quantity will be made at the rate of 50 vehicles per week, starting 16 weeks after receipt of order, provided, however, that due allowance shall be made for time required for test and approval of pilot model.


The reduction in price outlined in this letter is made possible because if the special engineering charges and most of the permanent tools will have been absorbed in the initial order.





H. M Cunningham (signed)




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