December 14, 1940

Original Source Documents:   October 17, 1940 - QM 451 - 'Quarter-Ton 4x4 Vehicles', Major R. G. Amlong, Quartermaster Corps, Assistant to QMG

Contributor:    Bill Norris

Source:  Lt. Colonel Dow's collection, Detroit Library







October 17, 1940.


File: No. QM 451.


Subject:            1/4-Ton 4x4 Vehicles.


To:                   The Quartermaster General, Washington, D. C.


1. In accordance with verbal instruction of your office quotations received from the Ford Motor Company, Willys-Overland Motors, Inc., and the American Bantam Car Company on furnishing 1/4-ton 4x4 trucks in accordance with QMC Technical Specification ES-475 as since revised as a result of the experience with the pilot model test of the American Bantam car delivered under invitation 398-41-9.  Each company has bid to supply 500 vehicles.  For this quantity the American Bantam Car's price in $1173.00 reduced $50.00 per car as indicated in their letter of October 9, 1940.  Willys-Overland Motors has quoted $1581.38, this price being based on the tooling for the axles from Spicer being split on the basis of a total of 1500 cars ordered.  The Ford Motor Company has bud $1180.00 less $50.00 per vehicle discount for payment in thirty days on the basis of that company receiving 500 vehicles and $935.00 per vehicle less $50.00 per vehicle discount for payment in thirty days for the second lot of 500 vehicles on the basis of the company receiving an award for 1000 vehicles.


2. The deliveries of these vehicles from all bidders are approximately the same and is based on deliveries which can be made of axles and transfer cases by the Spicer Manufacturing Company. All companies agree that their delivery time could be bettered if axles and transfer cases could be received at a more rapid rate.  In interview with the Spicer Manufacturing Company they have stated that on the basis of 1500 cars being purchased with their axles that their tooling will permit delivery of between thirty and fifty axles and transfer cases per day beginning about January 15, 1941 if orders are placed promptly.


For the Commanding Officer:




Major, Quartermaster Corps,



Enc. 5

2 Ltrs. fr. Ford Mtr. Co. 10-16-40     1    2

1  "     "  Willy-overland 10-8-40         1

2  "     "  American Bantam 10-4-40

                and 10-9-40.                      1   2



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