As a Jeep hobbyist, my interests lie in the early civilian jeep development. Over the years, I have been rather fortunate enough to track down some of the rare early prototype or test jeeps.

1941 Willys-Overland Factory Test Jeep                
1942 Auburn Test Jeep                                          
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-12                                
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-16                                
1945 CJ-2 - CJ2-37                                      


I want to restore these as accurately as possible with period parts.  I have quite a list of parts I need for the above vehicles.  If you can help out, please let me know!

Parts Needed

Jeep Documents - One of the things I have been kicking around is a site on the Internet that can act as a repository for original source documents.  I haven't decided on the format yet, but I threw something together to get some other people's ideas:

Original Jeep Documents Site

My other interests include Willys-Overland the company and items related to the factory up to the AMC time period. I am always looking for factory related relics and dealer related items. I am basically looking for anything related to the factory. I have been collecting some of the little stuff that people didn't think of saving that would have been used at the factory. Anything from factory forms for ordering items to old paycheck stubs, to notebooks, etc., etc. A lot of that kind of stuff gets dispersed and what I am trying to do is put together all the different things into a database. It gives a better picture of the working life of the factory. If anyone has anything like this, please let me know.


John North Willys Office Suite

John North Willys Oil Painting

Willys-Overland Advertisement Print - Administration Building

Willys-Overland Administration Building - Rookwood Drinking Fountains

Willys-Overland Administration Building - Brick

Willys-Overland Smoke Stack Brick

Drafting Table

Roll Top Desk

2 Drawer Table

Factory Time Clock - 1923

Factory Ash Tray

Willys-Overland Administration Building Phone - 1941

Factory Fire Alarm

Factory Siren/Horn

Factory Light

Willys-Overland Administration Building Rosette Tile

Willys-Overland Building 1 Window Sashes

Sign Examples:

Kaiser Willys Jeep Dealership Neon Sign Restoration

Jeep Dealership Sign Restoration

Large AMC Jeep Dealership Sign

AMC Jeep Dealership Building Sign

AMC Wagoneer - Truck - Command - Jeep Sign

AMC Jeep Dealership Sign

Chrysler Jeep Dealership Sign

If you know of any other prototypes, please let me know.

Known CJ-2 Civilian Prototypes
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-03 (Name Withheld)
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-04 (Name Withheld)
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-06 (Tremaine Cooper)
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-09 (Fred Coldwell)
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-11 (Dan Janquitto)
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-12 (Todd Paisley)
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-14 (Daron Wanberg)
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-16 (Todd Paisley)
1945 CJ-2 - CJ2-26 (Fred Coldwell)
1945 CJ-2 - CJ2-29 (Name Withheld)
1945 CJ-2 - CJ2-32 (Name Withheld)
1945 CJ-2 - CJ2-37 (Todd Paisley)
1945 CJ-2 - CJ2-38 (Lindsay Clark)
1944 CJ-2 Agrijeep - CJ2-?? (Name Withheld)

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